WIP Wednesday: Left Right Left Edition

I finished what I was working on last week, and I'm glad I decided to do a second version of it because I'm not happy with how the first one came out. I'll probably wait to do the second one since I've finished 2 new patterns and will be doing a swap soon.

Speaking of swaps, I am super excited for the next Phat Quarter swap. I wasn't able to participate in the last 2 because I was working on the wedding sampler, so I am definitely ready for this one. When I heard that the theme is movies, my mind started going crazy with ideas. I also happen to be working on a movie related pattern that may end up being my swap piece.

In the meantime, my latest WIP...


I've gotten over the bit of stitcher's block I had and have been working on a bunch of new patterns, mostly older ideas that I'm going back to.

At the dollar store the other day I found some cross stitch kits with plastic frames. The kits of course weren't all that interesting, but I picked up a few for the frames.

Pony kit

I decided to take this one and change it up to make it awesome, since it's a pony and all. When it's done I'm hoping to add it to my "inspiration board".

Computer view

It's what I look at when I'm at my desk. I try to rearrange it and switch things out every few months and I'm overdue. The Smurfs have to go. For now anyway. Need some new things to look at.