Concert: The Good Life

Last night I finally got to see The Good Life. They were nice enough to play at my "local" venue and not just LA. Got there early enough to get a really good to the side but on a platform so I could see everything. I wasn't sure what to expect in terms of the crowd since this is Tim Kasher's side project, but there were almost as many people there as when I saw Cursive last year. Anyway, I completely ignored the first band as they had a female singer and I don't do female singers in rock bands. The second act was better, more country though.

The Good Life was really really good. They played a great set with almost all the songs I wanted to hear. They started off with "Lovers Need Lawyers" so I was definitely happy with that. And they ended the encore with a badass version of  "Notes in his Pockets", which was the #1 song I wanted to hear. And Tim made fun of people dressing up for Halloween. Good times. Got the setlist (see below) and left with a nice concert high. Which is probably why I feel like ass right now- concert

I love the new album, I definitely like it more than the last one, although I think the best songs from Album of the Year are better than the best songs from Help Wanted Nights. I may change my mind on that though.

Time to lay on the couch and die....